Caroline Dorothy Carter

November 2nd, 1960 - April 21st, 2010
3090 West 51st Avenue V6N 4B7*
Caroline’s Wreck Beach friends knew her to be independent, kind and understanding, ready to go that extra mile for them.  Whenever there was a beach issue, she would always try to understand every side of it before judging. I personally always thought of her as Caroline of the sparkling eyes!
When Caroline worked at the Naam, in the evenings she would cook for everyone with food she brought to the beach while Croc looked after her son Jeremy and the other children, including those youth who sought sanctuary on the beach.  For awhile, Caroline hung out with Danny the year he drove a yellow beach school bus until it was vandalized.  When she and Danny took off for Hornby Island in 1989, she paid to repair his truck after it broke down on the way, but as soon as he could get to a bank, he paid her back...  While dancing on Hornby, she hurt her knee so Danny pushed her around in a wheelbarrow for the rest of their stay.  She was free-spirited, spiritual,  became a devoted Hare Krishna, was kindness personified,  and was a wonderful mom to her only son, Jeremy, whom she took to India when he was five.
Before that, when Jeremy was only four, he began taking on his Mom’s stubbornness and broke his arm sliding down the back porch banister he had been warned not to do.  He loved the frost heave bump at the bottom of one of their regularly-travelled roads when Caroline drove her VW van so she always drove that way to his delight. She did everything for Jeremy and had Danny build him a special sand box, as one small example.
Danny recalls the time he wasn’t  using the Carter’s swimming pool and when he confessed he couldn’t swim to Caroline’s mother, she coached him into trying to float.  However, he sank to the bottom and watched as Mrs. Carter lept for the pool net and lowered it to him.  Caroline and her mother saved him and he said he never felt so safe.  That’s just the way Caroline and her family were as nurturers.
Caroline cared about life, her loved ones,  and her Wreck Beach family including Peter (Herbie), Mike, Danny, Donnie, Precious , Mink and so many others.  We will always see her laughing into the firelight as she danced with the abandon that only those who truly love life can do!
Memories by Danny Evans and Judy Williams
May 9, 2010- Mother’s Day